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The HEART Cards have been created for your relationships
to help you find the words
to express what you feel, need and desire.

Do you ever have difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings to your loved ones? When you want to find the words to express your emotions, worries, fears, needs, longings and desires, give or send HEART Cards!

In moments of tension, conflict or disconnection, we often get into negative patterns. What do you think and feel in those moments? What are you worried about or afraid of? What do you need from your loved ones to feel more safe, loved, accepted, cared about and secure? What do they need from you?

In securely attached relationships, we give each other Heartfelt Connection, Emotional Engagement, Accessibility, Responsiveness & Touch (HEART)


In romantic relationships, we often hear that emotional intimacy is the doorway to physical intimacy. For many people, affection, physical intimacy and sex are also the doorways to emotional intimacy and closeness. HEART Cards recognize the importance of both emotional and physical intimacy.

We hope the HEART Cards will help you increase your feelings of connection, closeness and happiness in your relationships.

Available in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Please contact us for International Orders & Bulk Orders.

HEART Cards are created and copyrighted by San Francisco Psychologists, Sam Jinich, PhD & Michelle Gannon, PhD who lead Hold Me Tight Workshop for Couples in San Francisco, Marin, Esalen and Internationally.

Please contact Sam & Michelle at info@theheartcards.com if you have any questions about HEART Cards Orders. Thank you!

What Customers Say

“The HEART Cards are probably the most valuable deck of cards you could ever own. I find the cards insightful, impactful and inspiring every time I use them, and I use them most days. I liked them so much that I bought 500 decks to give to my colleagues as a holiday gift of appreciation. Thank you Michelle & Sam.”

Mike Faith CEO, Headsets.com

“The HEART Cards are a wonderful aid to couples in those pivotal moments when we are at a loss for words. The deck is filled with multiple possibilities for reaching out with vulnerability. There are many creative ways to use the HEART Cards in therapy, on your own or in a Hold Me Tight Workshop. Highly recommend!”

Nancy Knudsen, LMFT
Certified EFT Supervisor & Therapist

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